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"I've tried other products, they don't compare"

I've tried other CBD products on the market and they don't compare to Mama Earth Herbal. Riley H

"Sleep has improved 100%!"

"I have been using your 900mg CBD tincture, for over 3 months. I take my oil at night to help me sleep. My sleep has improved 100%! I have also noticed a change in my joints, especially my hands. when I wake up in the morning, my knuckles are not swollen with arthritis, in fact they look almost "normal". The CBD oil has helped with all my joint pain, too! Another huge benefit is my skin. My face is much smoother, so much so that my dentist asked what I was doing different.  I have interviewed many CBD sellers and always felt uneasy after talking to them.  I'm relieved to find a company I can trust. I can attest to it's effectiveness, for me. Thank you for providing this amazing product!" Karen I

So Surprised!

I have been using Mama Earth Herbal CBD for over 1 year. I was so surprised when the condition I had around my eyes nearly stopped. I was receiving Botox every 3 months for Blepharospasm, now I get 1/4 the dose every 6-9 months. My anxiety is so much better, as well. Thank you for a great product! Sharon A

"No more arthritis pain"

"I have been taking your CBD oil and have no more arthritis pain and my sciatica went away." Sue H 

Autism & OCD relief

My son who has high functioning autism and OCD has had little relief from conventional medicine. We were thrilled when his symptoms lessened by 50% since using Mama Earth Herbal CBD.  We have been using the full spectrum tincture for several months and will never go back. Thank you so much! Jennifer A

CBD for our 15 year old Lab

We have a beloved Lab who is 15 years old. He started failing; was unable to get up, had blood tests suggestive of cancer, and seemed depressed. We started him on the Mama Earth CBD and he seems so much happier. He is up and around, and labs are stable. He still has his bad days but we are sure his quality of life has improved and is living longer because of the CBD. Thank you so much. We will not buy our CBD anywhere else. Brian A

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